My passion is to support you to live your life in a state of flow and consciousness.

The porpouse of the Paintings for the Soul is to support the reconnection between you and your creation force.
Their radiating energy is able to bring movement into your life and transform fear into courage, demotivation into joy, limitation into expansion… .
I create this Paintings in a state of profound connection with my Guides. Each and everyone of them has light language codes and symbols on it (sounds, tones and frequencies who belong to the Source of Universal Love). 
With the Painting you receive the recording of the meditation and the information channeled during the creative process. This way you have the opportunity to connect with it even more and receive more support to reconnect yourself to your true essence and bring your pourpose into fruition.
Wherever they are they radiate frequencies and energy that  support the expansion of every individual.

Every single painting is unique.

Are you ready to receive your personal “Painting for the Soul” and the meditation connected to it? 
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