Stargate Facilitator
Reiki Master
PSYCH-K® Advanced Facilitator
Qualified Shiatsu Therapist
Reflections Practitioner®
Agegate Therapy®
Infant Massage Teacher (Qualified IAIM)
Graduation of Holistic Aesthetician


My name is Valentina Giovannini and I’m happy you’re joining me on this journey.
Thank you for taking the time to look through my website and get to know a little about me.

I’ve been a spiritual guide for many years. I’ve spent most of my past lives on this Planet doing this. I feel the power of a beautiful Force that brings me here again to serve humanity on this Planet in order to give support and increase humanity’s vibration.

I immensely love this Planet and the Gift of Life.

I’m grateful for having this beautiful body, which enable us to live this experience here on Earth. This is the reason why part of my tecniques are about taking care of you through touch.

When we take care of our body we allow it to gently vibrate to a higher frequency.

Through our experience on this physical form we can integrate information and release old beliefs and programming.

I’ve been studying and practicing tecniques and tools for transformations and spiritual healing since my twenties. I’ve learned and been practicing various massage tecniques for many years and after that I also have my Master Reiki training.

Because of my passion and interest in emotions, feelings  and the mind I decide to receive facilitator training about PSYCH-K, REflections and Stargate Work.

Through my studies and my experience in practical life I started to reaweken my talents and gifts, my connection with Spirit, Mother Earth and the Guides. I’m still here to serve the Spirit and to support spiritual evolution on this Planet.

With my work and workshops I do my best to share my experiences, my love for life and what helps me to evolve. I support people by sharing tools that are helpful to reaweken their inner wisdom and power with them.

I transformed my passion into my profession.

It’s always an honour and a joy for me partecipate in the evolution of another human being.

I give my support, but it’s always the people themselves who decide how and when to move forward

My purpose is to engage the mind/body’s natural self-healing processes in order to complement, not replace, usual, customary, and reasonable medical treatment and medical care by qualified medical practitioners. The tecniques and methods that I use are not a replacement for appropriate medical attention or professional mental health care.