I’m passionate about supporting people so that they can expand their consciousness, live a Soul lead life, feel free, independent and fulfilled.

Who were you before the world told you who to be?

I want to see you break free, shed the “old skin” and overcome the fear of not being enough.

Your first need is to get to know yourself.

I am here to introduce you to yourself and walk alongside you as you get to know who you truly are, what you choose to believe and what you need.

I help you creating a life where  you are the leader of your own existence so your relationships can thrive, your time’s freed up and you’re deeply satisfied.


If I’m being real, it doesn’t feel right to discuss about leadership, bravery and self-love without acknowledging my own journey. So I thought to share a little bit of my story and what allowed me to become the Woman I Am today.

I’ve come through a difficult relationship with the mother, abuse, eating issues and two miscarriages. My sensitivity as an “Empath” in the past was more a curse than a superpower.  I was reborn as a Mother in 2015.

The relationship with one of my soulmate and years later the relationship with my Twin Flame drastically has changed my life forever.

For me going through all of these challenges was like walking through hell most of the time. However I came back stronger and completely transformed.

Coming through these experiences I know what does mean to dig deep and find strengths that at the beginning of the path seemed missing.

Life is actually my best teacher! I believe that everything is possible and Magic lies in the Unknown.

In the Unknown we are connected with infinite potentials and with the pure essence of Universal Creation.


I’ve been studying and practicing tecniques and tools for transformations and spiritual healing since my twenties. I’ve learned and been practicing various massage tecniques (shiatsu and Chinese medicine) for many years and after that I also have my Master Reiki training.

Because of my passion and interest in emotions, feelings  and the mind I decide to receive facilitator training about PSYCH-K, Reflections and Stargate Work.

Through my studies and my experience in practical life I started to reaweken my talents and gifts, my connection with Spirit, Mother Earth and the Guides. I’m still here to serve the Spirit and to support spiritual evolution on this Planet.

With my work and workshops I do my best to share my experiences, my love for life and what helps me to evolve. I support people by sharing tools that are helpful to reaweken their inner wisdom and power with them.

I’ve spent the last fifteen years leading people (in groups and mentoring one-to-one) to overcome fears and move from survival to thriving, believe in themselves again, release old trauma and wounds, find the root cause of their stuckness, step into their path and leadership.

I firmly believe that when someone shift everyone shifts!


I use these platforms to talk about stuff that matters to me, through my personal lens of awareness. Here I share everything from self-empowerment to set healthy boundaries, self-love, energy, spirituality and break free from old belief systems.

Here you can expect a variety of conversations!

I am committed to share from a place of integrity and empathy stuff that can make some kind of difference in your life.

Through these conversations I intend you to remember how much value you have and own your right to create an abundant, joyful and fulfilled life.

You my friend are very much needed!

To Me this all connect to Leadership: there’s nothing our leadership doesn’t touch!

Leadership is about freedom, self-love, healthy boundaries, self-respect, abundance, flow, empowerment. With it comes the real power of Responsibility: the ability to response consciously and courageously to life!

And we need leadership in our homes and in every level of our community.


I transformed my passion into my profession. It’s always an honour and a joy for me partecipate in the evolution of another human being.

I give my support, but it’s always the people themselves who decide how and when to move forward.

It’s time to shine our pure light and energy, in order to be real! We’re all interconnected; It’s time to grow and allow the ascension process!      


My purpose is to engage the mind/body’s natural self-healing processes in order to complement, not replace, usual, customary, and reasonable medical treatment and medical care by qualified medical practitioners. The tecniques and methods that I use are not a replacement for appropriate medical attention or professional mental health care.