Mentor e Coaching

The answers to some questions you may have...

What is it like to be mentored by you?

My Coaching is deep, transformative and it’s life changing.

I’ll solidly partner you during this process at whatever current level you need to create the highest version of yourself.

I remember how overwhelming the first step felt. You will not be doing this alone. I will be there every step of the way. I will do this by sharing with you all the tools , knowledge and wisdom, knowing that all of this will continue to serve you long after our time together.

Your experience will depend entirely on where you are at, what your goals are, and what you most need from me as your mentor.

Each of my clients have very different experiences as I’m adjusting our conversations to meet their specific situation and evolving needs. Some clients we are focussed on transforming old limiting beliefs, and I do deeper coaching and energetic work with them on the inner blocks, so they can make the internal shifts needed for their next levels, whereas with others, we are focussed on strategy. 

Nothing is off the table during our sessions, and we go whatever level of conversation needed to have you on track for the goals you set out to achieve in your life.

What’s the criteria for working with you at this level?

Your willingness and commitment are key for the process. If you are looking for a significant breakthrough in your life this could be for you.


I want to see results and I am doing deeper coaching with you on the inner world so you can make the internal shifts needed for your next levels. 

I will hold space to where you are right now in your life and you can bring whatever topics you will like to have support with. My purpose is always to find what part of you and your life that is not in flow with life force itself. Each session is unique and shows up exactly what is blocking your highest potential in this given moment.

I will help you with different tools to unblock your energy, transform your subconscious beliefs/programs and come back into your power to create the life you need! Expect changing and a new level of awareness in your life!


I will support you with my sensitivity and other tools to uncover:

• Main lesson you came here to face, complete and heal; 
• Hidden blindspots, beliefs, patterns that hold you back; 
• What motivates you;
• How to uncover your hidden talents, strength and gifts;
• How to best express your Soul purpose in this lifetime.


Are you constantly struggling with what you feel you have to do and what you would like instead?
are you struggling to keep going?
Are you stuck in an old relationship that doesn’t work for you anymore?
Do you feel lost and you don’t know about next step?
Are you feeling that your presence is underestimate?
Is it difficult for you to set clear boundaries and have quality time for yourself?
Are you feeling a hunch that is calling you and you don’t know what to do?
Welcome to this safe and sacred space where I will support you with different tools and modalities to fully reclaim control of your life and use your creative force to manifest the life you desire!
I will support you step by step to start and continue to really take care of yourself from all points of view. 
You will feel satisfied, proud and confident of You!
Are you ready for a 100% dive on Yourself?
Embrace your full potential!


Reiki creates and promotes self-healing, balance and revitalisation. It can help rebalance you physically, emotionally and spiritually. The wonderful healing properties of Reiki know no boundaries.

Reiki can be sent to anyone or anything anywhere across the world. Reiki distance healing can be sent to you to a problem and  challenge in your life and can help with past, present and future events, such as past relationship, trauma where it didn’t heal.

Sending reiki will alter your current life unfolding new abilities and opportunities. 

The Reiki healing is the first part (45′) of the session. Coaching is the second part (30′), where we uncover what showed up for you during Reiki, messages I may have received during your session and tools and practises to incorporate depending on what you require for your spiritual and energetic healing and alignment.

Please keep a journal handy. Make sure you are in an undisturbed space where you can lie down in a comfortable position.


Personalised card reading to:

• discover your life purpose and talents;
• receive guidance about your relationship/business;
• receive clarity about a situation/making a decision;
• strengthen the connection with your intuition;
• receive what you need to know in your current situation;
• receive clarity about the possible strength, challenge  and gift you can find on your path;
• receive guidance about possible solution in a particular situation.

You can have a one-to-one session with Valentina or receive a special personalised oracle reading from her delivered to you through email. The oracle reading  will act as a gateway to hear the whispers of your Soul and clarify what grounded action you may be called to take to integrate your Soul calling in your everyday life. When you request your reading, hold the question that you are living into your heart.  



The pure meaning of meditation is “becoming familiar with”.

As many people think, meditation is not a severe and rigid practice where you are supposed to experience a silenct mind all the time. 

In order to change, you need to become conscious of the unconscious thoughts and programs that created your life the way you are experiencing at the moment. So meditation is intended to support us to create a new sense of self, relax the body and experience a renewed sense of vitality, awareness and strength in our daily life. This enables us to bring a new sense of identity, clarity, freedom, abundance and calmness to create the life you desire.

I will guide you through the process of discovering your limiting beliefs and patterns to reactivate your life force and redesign your life.