Shiatsu (shi = finger, atsu = pressure) is a technique of oriental origin, which aims to harmonize the individual as a whole. It draws its principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine and uses manual pressure on certain areas and points of the body (called tsubo). This discipline aims to rebalance and prevent health and well-being through the rebalancing of the body’s energy communication systems. According to the oriental view, in fact, diseases, symptoms and different conditions have an interpretation in relation to an imbalance in the energy balance of the person understood and extended on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.


Shiatsu works on the movement of energy through energy channels called meridians, activating, with different pressures, the natural self-healing mechanism inherent in our body.
The shiatsuka becomes a facilitator who supports the person with respect and love on a path of self-development and awareness. It takes care of the person and does not practice “on” the person, but “with” the person using subtle communication channels. Shiatsu does not intervene directly on the symptoms of the disease, but acts on the causes of the energy imbalance that cause it, restoring the free flow of energy.
Each person has a particular experience that has changed it over time: it has its own history and its themes. For this reason, the treatment will be different for everyone: an opportunity for the person to abandon the frenzy and tension accumulated.

In the oriental view the symptom is only the message that the body sends to communicate a profound unbalance: eliminating it without having deciphered it would be useless, because sooner or later that same unresolved illness would emerge somewhere else, perhaps with a different symptom or disease. The body that “speaks” must be listened to, not silenced because its “words” hurt. Only by learning its language is it possible to understand its messages and act accordingly, depriving the symptom of its very existence: not the single disorder should be removed, but the conditions that caused it. Shiatsu treatments support the journey towards knowledge of body language, leading to the root of the energy imbalance and restoring psycho-physical harmony.


This discipline is suitable for anyone at any age (from infants to the elderly). Regardless of the reason that prompts you to try Shiatsu (chronic headaches, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, arthritic pain, respiratory disharmonies, problems related to the menstrual cycle, muscle tension, addiction, sleep disorders, anxiety states, simple curiosity …) you will feel that it gives well-being at every level: physical, mental and emotional.


Traditionally Shiatsu is practiced on the clothed person, for this reason it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes.
Each Shiatsuka works differently depending on its training and its aptitudes: my methodology is based on the stimulation of energy points and meridians with fingers, palms of the hands, moxa, cupping, tuning forks, stimulations with Acuspark and taping.

The following days after the treatment, the body has a deep phase of relaxation and rebalancing. This can release feelings of tiredness or pain, which resolve spontaneously in a short time. Each person is unique, this is the reason why the number of sessions changes from case to case.
Each treatment last approximately 50-minute. It is advisable to leave a gap of 3 to 7 days between treatments.

 Shiatsu to:

– reach psycho-physical well-being;
– find your balance;
– stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities;
– maintain your state of well-being;
– receive support to free yourself from addictions;
– receive personalised treatments for pregnant women and during the postnatal time;                                             – 
receive personalised treatments to support the pelvic floor in woman’s life.